Shoe Horn Shout Outs

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Our nation’s youth lack the fundamental scaffolding of health literacy upon which life-long health and wellness related decisions can be made.  The Shoe Horn Shout Outs combine animation and live action to provide entertaining and engaging content to develop that scaffolding for health literacy for elementary-aged children and their families.  These short forms shout out health, wellness, empowerment and self-esteem messages in a stimulating and engaging manner using humor and song.

The Shout Outs, featuring award winning Stinky Shoe & Coach LaRoo and their Shoemates, are 90-second, culturally relevant educational interstitials (that’s a technical word for short videos).

The Shoe Horn Shout Outs air on a Milwaukee PBS affiliate (MPTV), are currently being used in classrooms as brain breaks, air in clinic waiting rooms.  They are available online on their YouTube Channel.

The Shoe Horn Shout Out pilots, Hand Wash Jive and Food Is Fuel, were developed as part of a public-private collaboration with Milwaukee Area Technical College.