Working with a team of collaborators, Active Across America has created award-winning programs that help address critical needs of our target audience.

Connect to Community is a turn-key resource that identifies and promotes community wellness assets to encourage  individuals to engage with their community’s wellness assets, ultimately to improve community health outcomes.  Connect to Community can be used by wellness stakeholders both as a one-to-one resource as well as an overall community resource for the general public available when embedded on their website.

Stinky Shoe & LaRoo are lovable, award-winning animated characters who have teamed up to educate, empower and engage elementary-aged children.  Together, they have three properties: Shoe Horn Shout Outs, Instructional Sports Video Series and If the Shoe Fits.

  • Touted at the Schoolhouse Rock for Wellness, Stinky Shoe & Coach LaRoo use music and humor in the award-winning, evaluated  Shoe Horn Shout Outs to introduce and reinforce the fundamentals of health literacy.
  • Their Instructional Sports DVDs combine live action and animation in an award-winning DVD series to teach children fundamentals of an array of sports while underscoring the importance of respect, patience, cooperation and goal setting.
  • Lastly, this dynamic duo are featured in a children’s book series entitled, If the Shoe Fits. This unique book series addresses some common character challenges of growing up and encourages children to see the many paths open to them and embrace who their individualism.  The books are co-authored by published children’s author and elementary educator, Martha Lambert.