About Us

Ann King
Ann oversees social media aspects of the company’s programs. She brings a background in broadcast media, sales and marketing combined with her understanding of social media. Ann understands social media and how to use it to engage individuals in the conversation around and lifestyle of wellness.

Meg Miller
Meg brings over twenty years of marketing, communications experience supported by strong communication skills and a proven record of being a strategic marketer. Her passion is in program development, promotion and advocacy in the area of wellness and public health. Meg has advocated for policy and programmatic support for public health programs at national, state and local levels.

Deanne Monaghan
Deanne brings twenty years of advertising and marketing background, with combined advertising agency and television sales management experience. Deanne’s passion for children’s health brought the Stinky Shoe and Coach LaRoo video series to life in 2002.

Motivated by Deanne, Ann and Meg’s passion for community health and driven by their combined experience in public health, social marketing, advertising and promotion, Active Across America fills a need for highly visible, easily understood, engaging wellness content and messaging.

“Clearly, no knowledge is more crucial than knowledge about health. Without it, no other life goal can be successfully achieved.”
by Boyer, E.L., The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching